Resolution passed by CSU-AAUP in support of APSCUF faculty on strike in Pennsylvania


Call for Nominations:

Call for Nominations:

The Nominations and Elections Committee announces a special election for one recently vacated position:   Council Member, and hereby  issues this call for willingness to serve.  This position has a two-year term that began 6/1/16.

Description of Position:

Council Members represent the WCSU Chapter on the CSU-AAUP Council, report Council proceedings to the Executive Committee and to the membership, and bring appropriate Chapter recommendations and decisions to the Council meetings.

Council Members are expected to attend the Council meetings. Council Meetings are generally held only during the regular fall and spring semesters, with very rare exceptions. Council usually meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the CCSU campus in New Britain (except sometime they  meet on the 2nd Thursday in December and May).

WCSU-AAUP Executive Committee meets the first Thursday of the month from 5-7 in Danbury.

Purpose of the Council

AAUP’s purpose is “to facilitate a more effective cooperation among teachers and research scholars in universities and colleges … for the promotion of the interests of higher education and research, and in general to increase the usefulness and advance the standards, ideals, and welfare of the profession,” as stated in its constitution.

The bylaws of WCSU-AAUP state that the objective of our organization is to represent the professional and economic interests of the Western Connecticut State University faculty, follow and implement the policies and standards adopted by the CSU-AAUP wherever possible and appropriate, and provide fair and adequate representation through collective bargaining and grievance procedures to all members.

Everyone who takes a leadership role in AAUP, including the Council members, cares deeply about the university and academia.  We are committed to making WCSU a better place for faculty and students.  We work to maintain healthy working relationships with University Management and University Senate.

The CSU-AAUP Council is comprised of the executive committees and representatives from each of the four CSU—AAUP Chapters along with the state executive board.  The CSU-AAUP Council sets policy, negotiation priorities, and oversees the contract at the state level.  The Council also works with a state lobbyist who promotes continued excellence in higher education in Connecticut.  The Council is involved in on-going efforts to inform the Board of Trustees, the State Legislature, all constituents of the CSUs, and the people of the state of Connecticut about the contributions of AAUP to the State.

For more detailed information, please see our bylaws at

Call for Nominations

You may nominate yourself or any other WCSU – AAUP member.  You may nominate as many people as you like (please copy the form below if necessary).

Nominations must be received in the AAUP office, White Hall 118 no later than Monday, October 3rd

The WCSU-AAUP Nominations and Elections Committee Chair is Katy Wiss.

To ensure that your nominations are received, you may send an e-mail confirmation to Katy Wiss at  Please indicate in the subject field “Nomination for WCSU-AAUP election.”


Nomination for WCSU – AAUP Council Member

Name of Nominee: ______________________________________________________________________


Council Member (2016-2018)

Department of Nominee:  ________________________________________________________________

Signature of Nominee: (indicating willingness to serve) ________________________________________

Name of Person Submitting Nomination:  ___________________________________________________

Return to WCSU-AAUP, White Hall 118 so that is it received no later than Monday, October 3rd.


2016 End of Semester Celebration

AAUP Cordially Invites you to an End of Semester Cocktail Party