The Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Connecticut State University and the Connecticut State University American Association of University Professors is referred to as The Contract. The Contract is a document that has been negotiated between the CSU-AAUP Negotiating Team and the Board of Trustees (BOT) Negotiating Team. Thus, many sections of it have been crafted through compromise and do not represent the optimal conditions that either side would desire. However, it is a legal document and both parties to the Contract – the CSU-AAUP and the BOT are obliged to adhere to its provisions. Typically contracts are negotiated for 2 – 4 years.

Due to the state’s economic crisis, CSU-AAUP members voted in favor of a one-year contract extension that includes a wage freeze for Fiscal Year 2010 in exchange for job security until June 30, 2011. For details of the concession agreement, please see the “CSU-AAUP Concession Agreement” and “Outline of the SEBAC Agreement” below. The current agreement now spans 2007 – 2016.

Modified Collective Bargaining Agreement (2007-2016)

Memorandum of Agreement CSU-AAUP and CSUS-BOT (2011-2016)

Collective Bargaining Agreement (2007-2011)