Campaign for the Future of Higher Education

The AAUP is proud to be part of the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education, which has just released three working papers on new ways to fund higher education. We hope you will read, share, and comment on these three papers. While they are not AAUP reports and don’t necessarily represent AAUP positions, we think they are an important part of a much-needed national dialogue.

Quality public higher education was once accessible to most Americans able to benefit from it. Taxpayers funded public colleges and universities sufficiently so that students who were prepared to work a few hours a week could complete their degrees with a minimum amount of debt. This system worked for decades and opened the door to opportunity for millions of Americans.

Now, we are told we can no longer afford this. We believe that is wrong.

The Campaign for the Future of Higher Education seeks to involve faculty in the search for better solutions than funding cuts, privatization, soaring tuition, and academic shut-downs. The three new working papers aim at stimulating a more thoughtful, fact-based, national conversation about paying for higher education.

See all three working papers at the CFHE site by clicking HERE and please add your voice to the conversation by leaving a comment on the website.

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