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Call for Nominations:

Call for Nominations:

The Nominations and Elections Committee announces a special election for one recently vacated position:   Council Member, and hereby  issues this call for willingness to serve.  This position has a two-year term that began 6/1/16.

Description of Position:

Council Members represent the WCSU Chapter on the CSU-AAUP Council, report Council proceedings to the Executive Committee and to the membership, and bring appropriate Chapter recommendations and decisions to the Council meetings.

Council Members are expected to attend the Council meetings. Council Meetings are generally […]

2016 End of Semester Celebration

2016 Grievance Officer Election

Name and Banner ID is required to vote for all WCSU-AAUP members.

You will choose one candidate for the position of Grievance Officer.  The choices in this election are Jay Brower and George Kain.  See biographical statements below.

The link to the election is:  https://eBallot4.votenet.com/csu-AAUP

Biographical Statements

Jay Brower:

Jay Brower is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication & Media Arts. He has been a WCSU representative to the CSU-AAUP Council for three years, and is currently a member of the CSU-AAUP contract negotiation team. Additionally, he serves […]